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As of today my new album, &bougainvillea, is out on all digital platforms. This album was recorded over the past three years but the songs were written over the span of 15 years. &bougainvillea, is a compilation of soundscapes brought to life by myself, Imua Garza and some of my best friends. My intention with this album is to show the world that Hawai’i is contributing innovative and diverse expressions through music. I chose the name &bougainvillea because of how colorful and wild this body of work feels to me. The ampersand in front of it symbolizes my hope that this album is able to co-exist with the work of my favorite artists & your favorite artists. The lowercase letters symbolize the lowering of my head, humbly honoring anyone who has come before me to make what I do possible.

As I write this in a tiny coffee shop in New York, I’m filled with mostly excitement and just a little, tiny amount of…anxiety haha. I hope that you enjoy &bougainvillea as much as I enjoyed creating it. I hope that there is something in the music that validates your existence or at the very least, something to make you dance away your troubles.

I love you all so much! mmmbaaaiyyeeeeeee



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