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The Future We All Deserve

Happy Mōhalu everyone-

I hope you are all safe and healthy. Not much has happened in my personal life since the last Mōhalu. For the most part, I’ve been very active online signing petitions and researching local candidates that I’ll vote for in the primary elections (August 08).

This past month has been a time of reflection for me. Introspective reflection, to me, is a combination of tapping into the art of self-educating and making time to have deep sleep so that I can dream. Dreaming has always gone hand in hand with reading. I don’t always comprehend what I’m reading right away. Most times, I need the symbolism of my own dreams to make sense of the themes of the books that I read. This past month, I’ve started reading four books: History Teaches Us To Resist, Native Son, Pedagogy of the Oppressed, & 1919. I encourage you continue educating yourself and to listen to the voices of BIPOC folks.

My Mōhalu to Mōhalu playlist on spotify is still the same as last month’s. I’ve added a few more songs. This month’s songs embody revolution and the future we all deserve.

Next month, I’ll be making a very exciting announcement!

I love you all so much. Remember to vote!


Links to ways that you can support and activate is here

Enjoy my livestream with Sofar Honolulu and watch the follow up Q & A Here

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