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February Summer

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

Currently on a flight to Queenstown, Aotearoa

Listening to: The sound of the plane

Happy Mōhalu and Kia Ora!

I’m currently on the South Island of Aotearoa with my cousins Marisha and Crystal. Heading to Toko Mouth to have a swim! I’ll have a full entry on my time here when I get back. In the meantime, enjoy this month’s Mōhalu to Mōhalu playlist on Spotify while reading this month’s newsletter. 😃

I hope this year has been good to you so far. January was a busy month for me and I apologize for missing the last newsletter. This is the first HAPPY MŌHALU of 2020 and I’m actually glad that I waited til February to do the first one of the year.

Since the last newsletter, I’ve been keeping busy with my regular gigs at Monkeypod, Hideout Waikiki and Whole Foods. I’ve also done a few fun events for Olu Kai and HI-Sam. I also had opportunities to sit down and write with a few of my favorite Hawai’i artists: Kimie Miner, OhToro & Nick Kurosawa.

These past two months have really been about making some adjustments to my life. In January, after coming back from doing the holiday gigs at the Four Seasons Resorts in Lāna’i, I decided to stop drinking. In February, I decided to start making adjustments to my social life. My goal is to start reading the hoard of books I’ve collected over the years. By the next HAPPY MŌHALU I’d like to start including a short book review of a book or article I completed. Right now I’m working my way through “Reclaiming Kalākaua” and a biography of yogananda.

February is a special month for me. I was born on the 20th in 1986, on a Thursday, under a mōhalu moon. My sister, Kaplelekua, is also born in February and the 18th is the memorial date of when my grandma left this plane to join the spirit realm with our ancestors. My birthday this year was 02/20/2020 and for astrological reasons, I decided to take a trip to Aotearoa. I felt it calling to me. I also wanted to reconnect with some of my friends who live here.


I had full first week in Auckland. My friend Grace Teuila hosted me. I met her wonderful tane, Brandon Haru and got to be reunited with her son, Darae. I also met up with a few friends from Hawai’i to see Six60 play live at the Western Springs Stadium. There were actually a few people from Hawai’i visiting. My friend Saumo, who is a painter, was also up here on vacation for his birthday.

The art/creative scene in Auckland is thriving and that’s the one thing that has been calling me to this place. Towards the end of my week there, I got to work with three artists there: Aso of Fou Custom Made, Photographer Pati Tyrell, and tatau practitioner and tattoo artist Tyla Vaeau.

Once I’m back home, I’ll have a full entry for you all to read about my time here in Aotearoa. Until then, mālama pono...

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