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Setting the Mood for 2020

Happy Mōhalu everyone! I hope you all enjoyed your new year celebration. I’ve been in Lāna’i since the last week of December doing gigs at the Four Seasons Resorts at Manele and Kō'ele.

At the beginning of every year, I like to take a few days to myself to reflect and take a look at the year ahead. Thanks to Hotel Lāna’i, I’ve been able to relax and spend time with some of my close friends. So, this months newsletter is going to be short. I’ll give you guys an update on things in the next newsletter but i wanted to leave you with this month’s Mōhalu2Mōhalu playlist on Spotify.

This month I asked my friends Michael Fronda and Tittahbyte to collaborate and curate this month’s playlist. They each chose 15 songs. Michael said that the songs are “the sounds that I was feeling as I was seeing out intentions that I set from on November 2019’s new moon. They’re all ones that I’ve heard for the first time between the last Mohalu and this one.”

Tittahbyte has this to say about her 15 songs: “I’m just another girl that has an eclectic music taste. I grew up with 3 brothers who listened to Wu-Tang, Portishead and Tool so I was heavily influenced by them. This playlist accurately portrays all the genres I love.” I hope you guys enjoy this month’s playlist! I really enjoy all the music that these two introduce me to and I hope you will too!

Happy new year! See you under the next Mōhalu

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